Improving Crime Prevention with Securus Technologies

One of the ways that me and my fellow offers prevent crimes in the prison is by taking a proactive stance on things like weapons and drugs. If we were to sit back and just wait for the incidents to occur, the inmates could easily injure themselves, other inmates, officers, prison staff, or guests. To ensure that none of these people are hurt, we have become dependent on technology to give us a glimpse into the future activities of the more violent inmates in this prison.


Over the last few years, our prison has seen the population of inmates grow from 1,000 to well over 3,000. The prison has not gotten any bigger, so those additional inmates must be crammed into already tight quarters with inmates who are already aggravated about being stuck in this facility. Tensions flair, and many will lash out with violence. When these inmates get their hands on things like weapons or drugs, we then have a dangerous situation that just became a deadly one.


Instead of allowing these instances to play out, we turned to Securus Technologies to help my staff with crime prevention. This company developed one of the most advanced monitoring systems we have seen, able to scan inmate telephone calls and utilize LBS software to pull out key terms that could alert my team to troubles.


Securus Technologies has a staff of 1,000 employees based out of Texas that are all dedicated to what they do, and committed to the company objective of making the world safe. The LBS software has given my team of officers the unique opportunity to now discover when inmates are talking about weapons, fights, gang issues, and drugs. Each alert, we take swift action so that these potential conversations do not have the chance to develop into life-threatening issues for my team.