Talk Fusion Success Brings Expansion To India

With rapidly growing success, video marketing company, Talk Fusion, is expanding their territories into the marketplace of India, opening a new office in New Delhi. The Indian marketplace has been rapidly developing as well, and the new office will serve as a support hub for their emerging market.


Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, expressed the excitement in India surrounding Talk Fusion’s expansion. He stated how there was already a generated buzz spread throughout India, with people ready to take advantage of their unique associate compensation plan. The associate compensation platform is not only worldwide, but one of its very own, and the office in New Delhi will facilitate training for locals interested in participating in this rare business opportunity. Bob Reina said he looked forward to working with the new office’s team members.


The new manager of the New Delhi office, Guru Lal Singh, also chimed in on how Talk Fusion will create a company culture for the future of India, rooted in success. Guru talked about Talk Fusion’s advanced video technology, how it makes messages appear more real and vivid, and how it has the potential to be the top video marketer in India’s marketplace, given its prime location. Learn morfe:


Recognized as a world leader in web communicative content, Talk Fusion services feature video marketing newsletters, video chat, live video meetings and video email. Using Talk Fusion video services allows one to choose from over 1,000 designs, custom templates, create your own logo or just have a Talk Fusion member design a video for you.


Aside from their video marketing platform, Talk Fusion offers direct selling, which is Independently sold through their associate/affiliate program. What makes the Talk Fusion compensation plan so different from everyone else’s, is their instant payout, instead of the standard bi-weekly(and sometimes monthly) payment. Talk Fusion operates in over 140 countries, making their direct selling program a true business opportunity that many people can participate in and become empowered by.


Talk Fusion strongly believes in charitable contributions, constantly donating to several various charitable causes, along with their global associates who also donate to charities in their countries.