The Chainsmokers Show Fans How It’s Done

The Chainsmokers have always kept their fans in the know about what’s happening in their lives through their music and social media, but now they are taking that one step further by releasing a tutorial on how one of their new singles was made. Recently, The Chainsmokers released a short video on Facebook showing just a glimpse into how their song “Somebody” was produced, but they have promised their fans that they will be getting an even more in-depth look into its creation later this year.

Full of hard-hitting synths and vocals, “Somebody” is already a hit among The Chainsmokers’ fans all around the world. The Chainsmokers may make it look easy, but there is a lot to the creation of a hit single. It’s pretty clear with their many different successes that they know just how to do it and how to leave their fans wanting even more! With their unique style and talent, The Chainsmokers have a knack for creating music that resonates with their fans and creates a soundtrack for them to live their lives to. With the release of this tutorial, they will be able to know how their soundtrack was created in detail.

The Chainsmokers may not have thought fans would be interested in hearing songs about what they went through in their lives and the thoughts that crossed their mind, but with their success, they were clearly wrong. They took a chance and it certainly paid off in a big way. Their fans appreciate their openness about making music covering topics that are normally considered too dark for the genre filled with pop lyrics and heavy bass drops.

The Chainsmokers encourage everyone who is wanting to get into the music industry to try and have faith in themselves. They didn’t find success immediately and were inspired by other artists such as the late Avicci to keep going even when they have lost confidence. Maybe their upcoming tutorial will show a future promising musician that they too can make the music that they love.

The Best of Business Law with Jeremy Goldstein

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