Fabletics Keeps Pushing Forward

Establishing yourself in an industry that’s already headed for the stars can be quite the battle, but Kate Hudsons Fabletics is proving they are up to the challenge. Since their 2013 launch, they have grown from a small startup with big ideas, to a $250 million dollar e-commerce business. By riding the wave of the athleisure trend, they undoubtedly made their mark in the e-commerce industry.


Fabletics offers today’s consumer a unique and personalized shopping experience, all from the comfort of their own homes. The combination of convenience and quality is what sets the brand apart from others in the industry. Today’s consumer demands more. From customer experience to quality, the overall experience is important, and all heavily influence the opinion of the consumer. Understanding the need for a more customer-led approach to retail and e-commerce, the founders of Fabletics built a model that ensures their continued success and keeps their subscribers happy.


Aside from rebuilding their business model, Fabletics is taking a different approach to showrooming. While competitors often fall short because consumers leave their retail stores to search for the same item at a cheap price online, Fabletics focuses on building relationships and gaining the trust of their members. When a customer visits a retail location, their experience is just as personalized as if they were shopping online. The method of purchase is of no importance for the fashion-forward brand. While retail may open other doors for Fabletics, it is simply considered an extension of their services.


Kate Hudson’s relatable personality and love for fitness are what caught the eye of TechStyle Fashion Group founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. When the duo began exploring the idea of Fabletics, there was no question when it came to who would represent the brand. They wanted customers to feel connected, and to truly believe in the brand and its commitment to loyalty. Hudson is all about customer experience. Since day one, Hudson has been heavily involved in the daily operations of Fabletics and often promotes their latest trends through social media. When asked if she had any plans to leave her acting career behind, Hudson admitted that while she has developed a love for business, her first love will always be acting.


Ready for a change? Fabletics has you covered! Head over and take their short Lifestyle Quiz to help find out which Fab style best fits your fashion preferences and fitness goals.