Sahm Adrangi

Kerrisdale Capital Management’s founder and Chief Investment Officer, Sahm Adrangi has been a part of all areas of the firms activities since 2009 when it was founded. Sahm Adrangi launched the company with a little less than $1 million dollars and as of July 2017 Kerrisdale is managing $150 million.

Sahm Adrangi is known for his concise and public research, he lets others in on his firms findings about stocks, such as the “under-followed longs” and “over-hyped shorts” as well as other misunderstood concepts regarding the market. Kerrisdale gives others much needed information on the web site regarding third party investments and other investment tips.

Sahm Adrangi is famous for outing deceptive Chinese organizations, such as the China Marine Food Group, China-Biotics, Lihua International as well as several others during the years of 2010 and 2011. Many of Adrangi’s subjects of investigation were turned over to the Securities and Exchange Commission for the imposition of sanctions by them.

Sahm Adrangi’s career began in the credit industry. Adrangi was responsible for executing high-bearing, controlled loan investments that were due to Deutsche Bank; as well as advising committees on bankruptcy and other “out-of-court” circumstances, and more information click here.

Mr. Sahm Adrangi has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics from Yale University. Preceding his bank investing years, he was involved with a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, Longacre Management. Among the long list of Adrangi’s achievements includes speaking at a variety of conferences, such as the Sohn Conference, the Value Investing Conference, the Distressed Debt Investing Conference the Activist Investor Conference, and the Traders 4 a Cause conference. He has made appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg networks with informational interviews as well as playing a part in certain published works in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, the Washington Post, Businessweek, and several other well known financial and business publications, and

A Joint Merger of The Houston’s Talos Energy LLC

In about 80 years now, for the first instance, an independent organization has dug an offshore oil well in the Mexican waters- a new step in the nation’s quest to allow foreign organizations back in the energy markets. A joint merger of the Houston’s Talos energy LLC, Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas and the London-based Premier oil started drilling the well during May 21. This ordeal is the first offshore exploration well to be fug by any entity besides the state-run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos from when the nation nationalized the oil field in the year 1938.

Zama-1 well, located at Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco, holds about 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude, as Premier stated in their statement. Drilling is estimated to last about 90 days up to its completion, at the expense of about $16 million. The multiple three companies got rights to the prospect during 2015, at the initial round of bidding later after Mexico opened its worsening oil industry to independent investment.

The closely held Talos is the well operator and has 35% stake in this venture. Sierra owns 40 percent, and Premier holds 25 percent. Talos Energy LLC is an independent upstream gas and oil organization which is determined by the exploration and the attainment of the gas and oil elements with an aim in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Talos energy is covered by the investment funds connected with Apollo Global Management, LLC, Talos management and the Riverstone Holdings, LLC.

After the acquisition of the gas and oil producing subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions at a tune of $620 million, Talos Energy is in the market to purchase again. The company’s projected revenue for the year 2017 is between $475 million and 500 million; the organization is poised to grow more.

The Talos Energy subsidiary, Talos Production LLC, has finished its acquirement of the Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc (ERT), the gas and oil subsidiary of the Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc for about $620 million. For any information about the Talos Energy LLC, you can easily get the Chief Executive Officer and the President through

Finding the Right Opportunity to Be Your Own Boss With Traveling Vineyard

People that have a job should be very thankful that they have some kind of source of income. However, it can be very hard to be that way when people deal with a lot of the common issues that come with work. Often times, people’s jobs come with more issues than it turns out to be worth. This is one of the reasons that they want to be their own boss. However, many people that try to be their own boss may find that there is a lot more work involved with working for themselves as opposed to working for someone else and getting paid an hourly wage and learn more about Traveling Vineyard.

One of the disadvantages to working independently is that a lot of the opportunities people would run across are not going to pay anywhere near well enough to replace a regular job. The only types of jobs that people can get with the hopes of getting a good paycheck are those that require a bit of skill. A lot of people experience this type of frustration and resign to their regular job. Often times, they are faced with the loss of their jobs everyday. This is one of the reasons that people want to work for themselves, so that they can find job security.

Fortunately, there is a work from home opportunity that many people have dreamed about. This type of opportunity is called Traveling Vineyard. And their Instagram, With this opportunity, people are paid to run an event where they show different types of wine to people. This opportunity requires social skills and the willingness to actually talk to people. This is actually a fun type of event for people that are interested in parties and willing to make money running these events and more information click here.

The most important thing to do for working at home is to make sure that there is organization in the efforts. People that let their work slide are going to find it hard to succeed even with Traveling Vineyard. Nothing comes easy in this life. It is important for people to find something that they feel is worth all of the effort they put into it and Traveling Vineyard’s lacrosse camp.

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The Social Life of George Soros

Who is George Soros? That is the question that rings in peoples mind when they see that name. According to Forbes, George Soros is the top ranking person in Katonah, New York where he stays. Different from other citizens in New York, George is a self-made wealthy man who got his money from hedge funds.

With a self-made score of ten, George was ranked number 29 regarding richness. In fact, he is number 19 billionaires in U.S. Being the highest paid hedge fund official; he is also rate number 19 in the Forbes 400. Those are some of the best stats that George holds and read full article.

Regarding family matters, George is a happily married man. He is one of those people who have many children. With his five kids, George is a happy man who has enjoyed life for the last 87 years and learn more about George.

His career started in Hungary where he was born. After studying economics, he left the London School of Economics and started working as a waiter and porter in the U.S. railway. From there, merchant bank took him, and that was his starting point in the broad field of finance. After working for some time, he changed his location and moved to New York. In each place he lived, life was different, and he did things differently and follow his Twitter.

After moving to New York, the thing got different, and he joined Wall Street. This was a good starting point that enabled him to raise 12million which he used to start Hedge Fund which was later renamed, Quantum Fund. George and his partner Stan Druckenmiller are said to be the first people who made the biggest profits in 1992. They are the only individuals who are said to have broken the bank of England. Currently, he owns asserts worth millions of money and George’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros is an active person in the field of politics. He was the leading supporter of Democratic politics. In the most recent move in politics, he was the main donor of Hillary Clinton. Through her involvement with George, Hillary Clinton got $24.9 million funding from him.

With his old age, George was then ready to attend a Democratic convention and watch his 25 years friend accept her presidential nomination. According to sources, he was unable to attend the meeting due to his business commitments in Europe. Much of his money has been used in political lines mostly in mobilizing voters to vote for Clinton and contact him.

Apart from politics, George Soros is also known for his philanthropic work. His work was noted during the 90s when he contributed millions of money to help affected families from Yugoslavia war. The found which was headed by George helped children and women just to mention a few of his work and

Philanthropist and Commercial Real Estate Professional Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a real estate commercial broker. To add some variety to his daily activities he realized that he would need to become more involved in the community and various organizations. Getting involved in philanthropy work has made his day to day schedule less mundane. In addition to his ongoing philanthropy work, Adam Milstein sits on the board of several organizations. Some of these organizations that provide diversity to his daily routine are the Jewish Funders Network, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, the Israel on Campus Coalition, and he co-founded with his wife Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This organization provides books written in Hebrew to over 15,000 Israeli-Jewish-American families who are residing within the United States. All of the books that his organization gives out are completely free. He wants to spark pride in his culture and help those who are hoping to have a better understanding of the Hebrew language. Adam was recently acknowledged as one of the top 200 do-gooders in the world, he feels that those who do good end up feeling just as good, sometimes even better, than the people they have helped.


Adam Milstein was born in Israel and graduated from the Technion in 1979. He came to the United States in 1981 and enrolled at the University of Southern California and heard his MBA degree. Once he graduated he began his career in the commercial real estate market. Adam enjoys the unpredictability of the real estate market. He finds it interesting how sometimes there will be times of high supply and low demand and other times the demand is high but real estate supply is low. This makes his job interesting and he has to stay diligent to always be networking and staying on top of pending real estate transactions. Following up with clients or potential clients and remaining persistent as well as consistent has been a winning combination during his career in real estate.

Resurfacing the Agility of Talos Energy

Talos Energy is an oil and gas exploration company created by Tim Duncan and partners using some $600 million obtained from equities as well as assets from the Gulf of Mexico. Although young, Talos Energy has grown to accommodate 120 employees in its operations, up from an original 15 head count. According to WorkplaceDynamics, Talos Energy got recognition as being the only company that offers employees with a favorable working environment. By providing day care services to the children of its employees as well as Friday happy hours, Talos Energy outshone its competitors and more information click here.

Also, Talos Energy has since its inception thrived on rewarding its geoscientists, receptionists, and its other employees time and again. Recently, Talos acquired Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc., a move meant to expand the corporation. The acquisition took place at a staggering cost of $620 million. According to sources, the move by Talos was considered to be a sane one mainly because Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc has been known to mine 16,155 barrels on average, with all extractions being heavily rich in oil. Since its purchase, the Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc., has expanded capacity by prospecting for oil in the Green Canyon Block 237 and learn more about Equities First.

So far, Talos Energy’s CEO happens to be a happy man mainly because the small company is growing to become a dominating force in the Gulf of Mexico. Gaining the financial support of institutions like Talos Management, Riverstone Holdings LLC, and the Apollo Global Management, Talos Energy has been able to thrive through some pretty challenging times. With its headquarters being in Houston, Talos Energy is growing at an alarming rate. Talos Energy alongside Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil & Gas happens to be the only private companies in 80 years to have drilled an offshore well in the Gulf of Mexico. With the entire project having cost close to $16 million, the Zama-1 well came to a realization and is said to hold close to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Talos Energy now operates the well on behalf of its partners and owns 35% in stakes. Talos Energy through the management of Tim Duncan is once more making oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico attractive and resume its.

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Beneful Dog Foods at Your Local WalMart

Are you looking for 100% complete balanced nutrition for your dogs? Try shopping locally next time. Your local WalMart carries many brands of dog food, but I have found I am able to get Beneful treats, grain free dog food and moist meals all made with the goodness of real meat ingredients and fresh vegetables. My four legged family members are Chihuahuas and Incredibites is their all time favorite. No matter what type of Beneful Dog Food you are looking for, the prices cannot be beaten. WalMart prices start out low and they also offer rollbacks on a variety of items every week…not part of the roll back this week? Go to for printable coupons and specials for your favorite Beneful combination.

I have purchased Beneful dog foods for my dogs for years and now I enjoy the added advantage of being able to shop at my local WalMart where roll back prices rule and learn more about Beneful.

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