Robert Deignan Explains Why People Should Re-evaluate Their Usage Of Technology

Entrepreneur Robert Deignan, a graduate of Purdue University, has been co-founding technology companies since the late 1990s. He co-founded his current company, ATS Digital Services, in the summer of 2011. As the chief executive officer of this firm, he leads an organization that helps people and businesses deal with problems with their devices. Whether it’s a computer that’s operating too slow or a faulty network connection, they can remotely access and address the issue.

Although he is in the technology industry, Robert Deignan says that there are downsides to the use of modern-day technology just like there are upsides. He says that when you’re out and about one day take a look around you at other people. You will notice that many people are completely glued to their smartphone screen and oblivious to what is going on around them. Add in that they likely stare at a computer screen eight hours a day and there’s a big problem going on.

Common sense tells you that consuming way too much of anything isn’t a good thing. This includes technology. He thinks that a lot of people would really benefit from redefining their relationship with their devices so that they get their benefits while limiting their downsides.

Robert Deignan says that using technology can even change how you think and process information. He points to a study that was conducted on Lond cab drivers. This study showed that it took four years for a cab driver to learn all the myriad routes through London. This showed that the brain is actually malleable unlike what scientists once thought.

Technology can change how you think. It provides countless distractions a day such as email and text alerts, app notifications, software updates, and so forth. This changes the brain to be paying attention to information in a much different way than if it didn’t have to deal with all these (often pointless) distractions.

Robert Deignan thinks people should take control of how they interact with technology. They should limit how much they check their phone, for example, and when holding a conversation with others don’t do so with it in their hand. Instead, pay attention to people and the world more often and they’ll be better off.

History Of Louis Chenevert And His Impact Of Training His Employees For More Job Opportunities

Louis Chenevert the chairman of HEC advisory board where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce is also chairman and chief Executive officer of a corporation known as The United Technologies. He has been chairman since 2010 in January after being the Chief Executive officer since 2008 in April. Since 2006 in March, Louis Chenevert was serving as director and the overall officer in charge of all operations of the company. Before joining the United Technologies, Louis Chenevert worked at Pratt and Whitney as president starting from 1999 in April to 2006 in March. He also worked at General Motors for 14 years working as the General Manager in charge of Production.

He works at the United Technologies parallel to working at the Business Roundtable serving as one of the Executive Committee members. At Roundtable, Louis Chenevert works as the chair of the committee in charge of Tax and Fiscal policy, he also chairs the business council and serves as one of the members who run the Indian Chief Executive Officer forum. Louis Chenevert also works at Cargill as a member of the Board of Directors.

While working at the United Technologies, Louis Chenevert started a learning programme that would equip all the employees with skills that make them valuable at the demanding business workforce. This is a process to counter the belief that older employees are more preferred for their experience and loyalty in work. Louis Chenevert believed that whether old or young, all require equal opportunities because the impact of each person is different and with the energy, the young can do more than the older. The programme is meant to equip employees with skills that can allow them to pursue completely different careers. The United Technologies paid for all expenses. This ranged from academic fees, books needed to make the study a success as well as all tuition fees.

Louis Chenevert wasn’t all about the relevance of employees in the workforce. He believed that employees had to be essential. This is what the programme was supposed to equip them with. Louis Chenevert said that increasing skills, as well as the knowledge in technology, is enough to open employment opportunities without regard for the employee’s age.

Louis Chenevert: Career in Business

In the business industry, it’s beneficial to be a man of many trades and a master of some. It gives you an advantage when dealing with other industries and within the same businesses that one is presently involved in. These titles, skills, and experiences are acquired over a period of time and from working in different levels of the business organization. While for some spending years working for the same business over a period of time falls in line with their career path, some prefer working for different organizations to get as much exposure as they can. One such business person is Louis Chenevert. A Canadian businessman who support the chairman and the chief executive officer (CEO) of the united technologies corporations. In April 2008 Louis Chenevert was elected the CEO and president, and two years later the chairman of the same. He joined the company in 2006 as its president and chief operating officer. He still served as the Director of the United technologies. Prior to the March of 2006, Louis Chenevert worked with Pratt & Whitney as their president, a position a position that he had held from 1999.

Before joining Pratt and Whitney in 1993, Louis Chenevert worked for General Motors for 14 years. Within the General Motors, he was the production manager of the firm’s St Theresa operation. As a man of many trades, Chenevert is in the executive committee of the business round-table, where he is in charge of the tax and fiscal policy committee. He is also a member of the business council, on the USA-India CEO forum. Louis Chenevert is a member of the board of directors for the cargil among a number of other positions on other forums. He has combined his experience with the education he acquired from the University of Montreal. From the university, he acquired a bachelor’s degree of commerce in the management of production.

When leading operations in the organizations he has worked with, Louis Chenevert uses a number of philosophies to have the maximum level of production. These philosophies are people-oriented and aim at making the best of the experience as well as the labor resources in the business.

What Entrepreneur Robert Deignan Predicts for the Future of Automated Technologies

In the last 10 years, consumers have seen a rise of automated cash registers in stores for self check-out without the help of humans. As workers see jobs diminishing in the workplace, it is causing speculations on the future of automated technologies taking over the world. Researchers are contributing to their concerns through studies while entrepreneur Robert Deignan are encouraging them to work with new technology. The Gazette Day reported on October 18th, 2018 that researchers agree it will take approximately 120 years for machines to have a 50 percent chance of eliminating human jobs. Deignan says it’s not the time to work against technology, but to explore job opportunities that are less likely to have an impact with the use of automated technologies.


Gazette Day stated the jobs considered safe are those that require extensive training, constructive decision making, and flexible physical environments. Entrepreneur Robert Deignan has worked in the technology industry for many years and shares his predictions for the future of automation. He sees particular tasks, such as data entry and sewing eliminated in the workplace. Robert tells his readers not to worry about loss of jobs because consumers prefer human interaction compared to robotic and automated machines. For an example, consider retailers like Walmart who have automated cash registers and have problems with glitches requiring the customer to rely on the expertise of a human cashier.


Oxford University discovered that there will always be in high demand installers, repairers, therapists, mechanics, teachers, and social workers. McKinsey conducted a study and reports automation will change the modern workplace by eliminating particular tasks. It reveals approximately 60 percent of jobs include automated tasks. Regardless of what studies show, entrepreneur Robert Deignan tells workers to understand related skills for the jobs which prepare them for the future of automation.


Robert Deignan is the founder of ATS Digital Services, a services provider resolving technical issues with devices and electronics. He has nearly 11 years of experience working in technology as an entrepreneur and leader. The most important advice he shares with workers is to continue observing automated technology and discover jobs that are the least subjected to automation.

Jeunesse’s Line Of Products

In 2009, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray took a bold step and left the comfort of retirement to create a brand that would make a lasting difference in the lives of many. They desired to help people age gracefully by bringing on board revolutionary products.Throughout their nine years of existence the team at Jeunesse has worked to help their clients unleash their potential.

The products are designed to bring back the youth groove of their clients. The Youth Enhancement System comprises of supplements as well as skincare products. The latter help to enhance ones youthful appearance while the supplements take care of the rest of the body. Let’s take a look at what the products are all about.

Skin Care Products

They comprise of different lines that take care of different aspects of the skin. Under-eye bags are dealt with efficiently with the Instantly Ageless microcream. Jeunesse also offers luminesce anti-aging line that helps to take care of the undesirable wrinkles. With the NV foundation which also comes with the option of a bronzer and a primer, clients get to enjoy an airbrush finish on their skins.


Clients can get a new boost of energy thanks to the Nevo energy drink. For a good supply of antioxidants that are necessary for normal body functioning then Reserve will do the trick. Stem cells on the other hand can be kept in good shape by Finiti that largely comprises of fruits and vegetables.

The advent of old age is more often than not characterized by sleepless nights and lack of energy during the day. The AM & PM Essentials with vitamins in high supply are designed to take care of this. To get their muscles back in shape, Jeunesse provides Zen Bodi.

Plans For The Future

The firm does not bask in past glory. Research efforts are underway to build on their already impressive portfolio. They have brought on board research experts who are designing products based on DNA repair, stem cells, fat loss as well as telomere support. The best is yet to come for Jeunesse.

Randy and Lewis have passed their vision to the rest of the team to keep their dream alive for posterity. With all these products and the many plans in place, aging will not have to be something to be worried about.

Achievements of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a premier food company that provides value-added food products to its clients. The firm has grown tremendously since its establishment and is ranked as one of the fastest growing firms in the food and beverage sector. The firm has strived to diversify its activities since its establishment and it has acquired more clients in the broader parts of the United States, Europe, Germany and many other countries across the globe. OSI Industries has created jobs for over 20,000 employees in close to 17 countries and strives to create more employment in future to improve the lives of other people.

OSI company strives to be responsive to its client’s claims and has always paid close attention to its customers. The firm’s executives have always encouraged the firm’s team of employees to ensure that they offer valuable services and products to their customers. The firm believes that their customers are the basis for their major successes and as a result, it strives to ensure that each of them receives the best services and products according to their tastes and preferences. Besides, the employees of OSI Industries also strive to adopt and respect the culture if their customers. They do not offer products that are considered unworthy by their clients and they also strive always to leave their clients happy.

Additionally, the firm has also exercised diversity in their operations and despite staring at a meat production company; the firm has also strived to offer various food products to its clients. The vast growth marked by OSI Industries has also seen it acquire a great reputation and it was recently ranked as number 136 among the various private production firms in America by Forbes Magazine. The notable successes of the firm have been associated with the highly experienced leaders that it flaunts.

Besides, it has also strived to acquire more firms over the recent years, so as to increase their production. Among the major firms that the firm has acquitted include the Baho Food firm, which has facilitated food production in the broader parts of Netherlands and Germany. Besides, the firm also acquired the Tyson Food production plant and has extended its services to the broader parts of the globe.

Besides, OSI Industries has acquired a great reputation across the globe for its ability to offer high-quality products to its clients. The firm recently received a Globe Honor from the British Safety Council for their strict measures when it comes to the production of their food products.

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The Career Path Of Gregory Aziz, From Wholesale Produce To Steel Railway Cars

Gregory James Aziz has lived many interesting lives throughout his career path. He has achieved a great volume of success in a variety of business sectors varying from finance, to wholesale produce. Gregory James Aziz currently resides as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada-based railroad company, National Steel Car. His journey has been an interesting one to come to the position he is in today. It is a story of hard work paired with a natural talent for the growth of major corporations.


1After graduating from the University of Ontario, Greg Aziz decided to join his family’s company. The company’s name is Affiliated Foods and it specializes in the wholesale food business. He worked with the company for sixteen years. During that time, he grew the company from a regional operation functioning out of Canada into a global enterprise. At the end of those sixteen years Affiliated Foods was a worldwide distributor of fresh food working with distributors in Europe, Central America, South America, America and throughout Canada. This was the position where he first honed his skills for business growth and realized his potential to drive businesses to success. See Related Link for more information.


After working as a leader in his family’s business for sixteen years, he decided that he wanted to work in the fast-stakes industry of investment banking. He moved to New York City and began working at a large investment banking firm. It just so happened that one of his clients was National Steel Car. He worked with the company to manage the purchase of the company from Dofasco. The goal of the purchase was to once again transform National Steel Car into a leader in the manufacturing of railroad freight cars. After working closely with National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz ended up transitioning career paths to take on a management role with the company and relocated back to his former home in Ontario.


Once he joined National Steel Car, Greg Aziz immediately went to work putting his passion for business growth into action. Over the years he brought the company back to its former greatness and helped the company to earn the prominent position as the top producer of railroad cars in all of North America. National Steel Car has achieved a great deal of success during Gregory Aziz’s tenure as CEO and President. He has greatly grown the number of employees at National Steel Car as well as the volume of freight railway cars produced each year.



Jacob Gottlieb Is A Professional Doctor Turned Professional Investor

Jacob Gottlieb is an accomplished medical doctor, philanthropist, and investor that is the founder and managing partner of Visium Asset Management LLC. It took many years before Jacob was able to start off his own successful company and he has a history of work beneath him that build his experience and money in order to become the investor he dreamed of when he was a teenager. Jacob first entered the field of medicine after studying at the Universty School of Medicine in New York and earning his medical degree, but he soon found out that this wasn’t the best fit for him.


He ended up going back to school to earn a degree in economics from Brown University and started working at notable investments companies to start out his business career. As a wall street stockbroker, Jacob found his calling, and he has done tremendously successful over the years. When asked what his thoughts are on the medical field versus the investing industry, given that he switched, he said they are similar since both require a certain degree of risk. Both doctors and investors find themselves in positions where they need to take a risk in order to create a good outcome.


Jacob has been able to great things with the success he has gained over the years, including a great deal of philanthropy work. He has donated to many charities over the years and personally contributed to their overall success in helping better the global communities. Jacob is a big support of Math for America, which aims to help build strategies for teachers to engage their students and improve education around the country. There are far too many classrooms out there that are not as effective as they could be. Jacob Gottlieb believes a strong education is important and creates the foundation every student needs to be successful.


The entrepreneur and investor Mike Baur.

Mike Baur is a Swiss national. Mike grew up in Freiburg, Switzerland. He is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur. He attended Bern University and the University of Rochester where he pursued a degree in business. His career in banking began when he was no less than a teenager. He became a Union Bank of Switzerland apprenticed in 1991 when he was 16 years old. The Wall Street Journal termed him as a young finance expert. His career from that point on had been mapped out to be a series of promotions. The hiring manager at the time expected Baur to rise through the ranks of UBS firm. But this was not the be as Baur’s career took a series of turns that led him towards his firm.

Baur spent the early parts of his career at UBS. All through the 90s he worked his way up and was appointed to a critical advisory position before he was 30 years of age. Mike gave advise to wealthy investors across different platforms. He rubbed shoulders with some of the wealthiest men in Switzerland. Baur quit UBS in 2008 despite the profound success he’d had in the firm. He moved on to work for a Zurich based bank called Clariden Leu. He stayed with the bank for a period of up to eight years holding a high ranking position. The post-recession banking market seemed less appealing to Baur as more banks devoted significant portions of resources to go through red tapes. The wealth management expert decided to branch out on his own, pursuing his new found passion for helping tech entrepreneurs.

Mike Baur founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 with the intention of pursuing this new found passion. He partnered with Max Meister who is also an alumnus of Bern University. The company’s program aims to benefit Swiss entrepreneurs by mentoring and training them. They also provide funding to startups that show real promise. The startup founders are educated on marketing their products and services on a global scale. When the program is complete, the participants should be able to fish for investors on their own accord. This service tremendously increases the possibility of success in any startup.

Mike also created a firm known as Think Reloaded which provides financial guidance to affluent clients. He also serves as a member of the board at BV4. Baur has made it possible for many upcoming entrepreneurs with startup get a fighting chance in the dog eat dog world that is business.


OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions is a global supplier of various categories of food products with its corporate headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois. OSI is directed by David McDonald, its President and Chief Operating Officer. OPI supplies natural and organic foods to diverse types of food establishments around the world. As a global corporation that is privately owned and operated, OSI manages successful industry plants in more than 17 countries which includes the United States, Europe, and Asian Pacific regions.

OSI carries a reputation for operating their food plants in sterilized environments and is a safe place to work for their employees. Due to these operating techniques, the OSI corporation has been awarded many awards throughout their years of operation. OSI Food Solutions is growing exponentially because of their smart acquisitions in the U.S. and globally. In 2016, OSI purchased Tyson Foods in Chicago and the European Baho Food Company manufacturing plant.

In the following year, 2017, OSI acquired additional manufacturing establishments in Germany and Europe. In addition to acquiring large food manufacturing plants, OSI also owns many private labels and co-packs under different brand names in the food service industries. Recently, OSI Food Solutions met the consumption needs for chicken products in Spain and Portugal. Both countries increased their chicken consumption needs over the past three years.

OSI Food Solutions quickly stepped up and met each countries requirement for chicken products. OSI has built a vast production center with innovative equipment, testing kitchens to develop new products for that region and provide many new job opportunities at every level. When the plant in Spain was complete, OSI Food Solutions had produced a new annual line of chicken measuring in the tons and is continuing to increase the product along with beef and pork.

Not only does OSI operate under sustainability principles, but wherever they have their plants, they help to boost the economy three-fold. To show how imperative OSI Food Solutions are about their developing and manufacturing principles, each nation that they operate in awards the corporation with the highest certified standards due to their social and agricultural development and responsibility. Spain’s regional government welcomed OSI Food Solutions to the country with financial support and they awarded OSI with their local Chamber of Commerce recognition for its commitment to employment.

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