Portfolios In Review at Academy of Art University

Fall 2018 Ideate Portfolio Reviews

Even though the Academy of Art University is a school that does not require the preexistence of a portfolio or reel in order to achieve attendance, that does not mean that the school doesn’t help their students in developing one. During your stay at the academy, you will be urged to put together a portfolio of work comprised of your assignments completed at AAU while in attendance. Student work can be invaluable in getting an internship or even landing an entry-level position in the student’s selected industry after graduation.

Since the school is so pro-portfolio building, there is a program that exists called the industry portfolio review at Ideate. This student portfolio review allows those who will soon graduate to get a step ahead in refining their portfolio to show to prospective employers. Andrea Pimentel, co-director of the school of advertising, has commented on the portfolio review on how great of an opportunity it is for students to get active feedback from current local industry professionals. Having this opportunity for constructive critique on one’s portfolio and advice on how to improve their portfolio’s presentation is invaluable exposure for any student in any industry across the school.

Sometimes this review can even lead to possible leads for job opportunities on its own. By exposing their portfolios and reels to current industry professionals, a student can potentially gain the attention of those pros who they are showing their work to for commentary in the first place. Those artists and designers who are exposed to the student’s work are always keeping an eye out for work that stands out from the crowd.

For more than 89 years, Academy of Art University has had its doors open to tomorrow’s art professionals in a wide variety of fields of interest. Despite so many changes that have taken place at the academy over all those years, their core values have always stayed intact. Their vision is to see that all students will be able to gain employment in the fields they are most passionate about after graduation.

New Jersey’s Real Estate by Boraie Development

The Aspire New Brunswick, an apartment building in New Jersey, is a complex that revolutionizes your lifestyle to offer lavish and spacious 238 residential units. The Aspire New Brunswick, developed by Boraie Development, gives you a plethora of premium amenities. Located just steps away from the New Brunswick Train station, the residential complex boasts of a 24/7 Doorman Lobby and an attached parking facility with direct elevator access to the Lobby. Complimentary individual storage and Indoor Bike Storage exclusive to residents.

What’s life without food, fun, fitness and health? Imagine yourself waking to the sunrise at the rooftop sundeck in your home or having some family time in the garden with the outdoor BBQ space after which you may decide to have some healthy exercise in the state-of-the-art Fitness Center/Yoga Space. Residents of The Aspire also get to enjoy indoor/outdoor Residents Club for Work, Rest and Play. Directly adjacent to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System, Children’s Cancer Institute families have access to medical care.

If you enjoy being part of the hustle and bustle, the neighborhood dining, shopping and nightlife will significantly bring life to your daily routine. The 10,000 square feet of retail will surely alleviate a lot of road rage outside the complex.

The Aspire Developer, Brunswick-based Boraie Development works with the most reliable partners to develop spectacular urban real estate properties within deadlines and to the highest quality and success. Shaquille O’ Neal, a former NBA star with a vision of making a difference in his hometown, Newark, New Jersey decided to partner up with Boraie Development. The partnership is set to open up a high-rise 168-unit apartment complex near the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. The $79 million complexes is a 22-storey tower that will surely make a difference in the city, becoming the city’s third tallest structure.

The project consists of modern units with high-end amnesties including garage parking, in-house gym, 10,000 square foot promenade, street-level retailing. The partnership between O’Neal and Boraie development is also working to deliver another $150 million apartment complex still in Newark, New Jersey.

Boraie Development LLC with a track record of 30 years of development makes it among the top on demand developers in New Jersey. The Company focuses on all areas of the urban real estate market, which includes a stream of services like property management, sales/marketing of properties and real estate development. The team is dedicated to delivering world-class real estate in line with the needs of clients.

Article Title: Igor Cornelsen- A Remarkable Investment Expert

Article Text:

The Brazilian economy has incurred various changes over the years leading to the deterioration of the country’s economy. Although Brazil has been affected by a progressive recession, investors such as Igor Cornelsen still believe that Brazil harbors a lot of potential. As a successful investor, the investment advice by Igor Cornelsen is concrete. His success comes about as a result of the experience that he has gained over the years and his education. According to Igor Cornelsen, here are the reasons why you should invest in passive income.

No Direct Involvement is Present

You can only be involved directly when dealing with active income. When dealing with passive income, you will not be involved directly. All you need is a suitable investment opportunity. You will then check on the progress of your investment from time to time. As a result, you can now earn money while also focusing on other activities.

Passive Income Brings About a Stable Cash Flow

Time is a scarce commodity. People rarely have time to rest because of their busy schedules. When you have established business opportunities that guarantee some passive income, you are better off since you are not tasked with checking the progress all the time.

You’ll Need Minimal Resources

If you are looking for active income, you will need to invest lots of resources. You will also need to monitor the progress of your business often. On the other hand, passive income is more of a one-time investment opportunity.

As for Igor Cornelsen, his main aspiration when growing up was to become an engineer. To achieve his dreams, he joined the Federal University of Parana. After two years of studying engineering, he shifted his focus to economics. He completed his studies successfully and graduated in 1970. His degree in economics came in handy since various financial organizations such as Multibanco offered him numerous employment opportunities.

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