Science Plus Skill Equals Art: Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Plastic surgery is the field of choice to make noticeable changes for your appearance. This field is composed of many brilliant-minded individuals, and they have used their skill to create works of art. In order to work in this particular field, you must posses high amounts of knowledge and steady hands. Extensive amounts of research and years of practice can truly pay off in huge returns. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a Dallas-based plastic surgeon, has been at the top of his game over the past few years. This man just so happens to be a graduate of a top-25 medical school. His courteous bedside manner has turned him into a fan-favorite among hundreds of patients.

Dr. Jejurikar has laid a blueprint of success that others can follow. He has done things the right way thanks to possessing good ethics. His place of business is known as Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and it’s one of the most prestigious medical-aesthetic facilities in the country. Has Dr. Jejurikar spent most of his career at one location? The answer to this question is that Jejurikar has worked in a number of medical facilities in the Dallas-metropolitan area. Two of the other places of employment comes from Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center. This phenomenal man has grown as a medical professional as he’s now a member of the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. This team of plastic surgeons work closely with the American Society of Plastic Surgery. In addition to that, this task force works closely with Adipose Therapeutics & Science. Keeping the patient safe at all times is the end goal. Dr. Jejurikar has spent the last 21 years on a mission to be the best version of a plastic surgeon that he can be.

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