Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi, Improving Your Immune System

This week on Dr. David Samadi’s new live stream show, Sunday Housecall, Dr. Cynara Coomer joins him to discuss ways to improve the body’s defense mechanism, our immune system. This insightful live stream gives listeners healthy foods, preventative measures, and general tips on how to naturally increase our immune system’s effectiveness.

Dr. David Samadi is currently overseeing the urology and robotic surgery departments at Lenox Hill Hospital. Due to continued study and work with other physicians, he has helped advance the field of robotic surgeries gaining him the role Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery. Alongside Dr. Cynara Coomer, they both sat down to talk about the common ways Americans can enhance their daily living.

Both doctors discuss how a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, along with exercise and approximately eight hours of sleep a night is truly powerful. Showing even better effects on immune support than typical holistic approaches such as echinacea. Dr. David Samadi brought up how certain plants such as garlic help give rise to Killer T cells; which identify and destroy germ ridden cells or cells that have become cancerous, and resume him.

Dr. David Samadi also shared that annually 200,000 and 36,000 Americans annually get hospitalized and die from the flu respectively. This would decrease drastically if more individuals received their annual preventative flu shot, and

Most of the general tips given were geared toward our gut. Using certain foods and diets to keep a ratio of 9:1 good and bad bacteria in our small intestine as 80% of our immune system is in our gut. Dr. David Samadi desires to not just save lives, but improve quality of lives. Having a healthy gut and good ratio of bacteria is known to aid in digestion, alleviate anxiety, and increase a positive mood. The main diet to aid this is the Mediterranean diet; which is comprised of a high concentration of fruits, vegetables, wines, lentils, and completely removing fast and processed foods. Both doctors discuss how often our diet may have caused us to lose tons of the good bacteria, but they can be placed back into our diet. One million CFU’s of Probiotics a day is one great way; as well as eating more probiotic yogurt, artichoke, and garlic.

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The Best of Business Law with Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein has emerged to be among the best attorneys in the field of business law. He is in charge of the procedures of various lawsuits. He has an experience of fifteen years in this field and his work has been noticed by a number of organizations. Different organizations receive legal advice from Jeremy Goldstein on matters to do with advisory amenities that include employee services. His good work was also noticed by famous companies. The various organizations that have been helped by Goldstein include; Duke Energy, Chevron, Bank One, Verizon, Merck and AT & T. He sits at the board of Fountain House. Fountain House is a charitable organization whose aim is to publish and offer services related to law.


Due to his effort in his career, he began a law firm called Jeremy. L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Some of the groups that receive advisory services from the firm include compensation committees, executive officers, and management teams. Furthermore, this organization also takes care of the needs of companies with the role of executive returns and corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein’s company comes up with solutions that will help organizations to handle vital issues and corporate matters. His position is serving as the chief executive officer and the founder of the company.


The efficiency of an organization can be improved by having better choices through offering employees extra stocks. In return issues like executive compensation will decrease as well as have motivation on own shares thus the staff of the company will aim to achieve more success. Other than being an attorney, Jeremy Goldstein is also an author who has published a number of articles that are displayed in the Harvard Law School platform. These articles are based on corporate governance and financial procedures. He has also written a book called ‘Paying for Long-Term Performance’.


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A Joint Merger of The Houston’s Talos Energy LLC

In about 80 years now, for the first instance, an independent organization has dug an offshore oil well in the Mexican waters- a new step in the nation’s quest to allow foreign organizations back in the energy markets. A joint merger of the Houston’s Talos energy LLC, Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas and the London-based Premier oil started drilling the well during May 21. This ordeal is the first offshore exploration well to be fug by any entity besides the state-run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos from when the nation nationalized the oil field in the year 1938.

Zama-1 well, located at Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco, holds about 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude, as Premier stated in their statement. Drilling is estimated to last about 90 days up to its completion, at the expense of about $16 million. The multiple three companies got rights to the prospect during 2015, at the initial round of bidding later after Mexico opened its worsening oil industry to independent investment.

The closely held Talos is the well operator and has 35% stake in this venture. Sierra owns 40 percent, and Premier holds 25 percent. Talos Energy LLC is an independent upstream gas and oil organization which is determined by the exploration and the attainment of the gas and oil elements with an aim in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Talos energy is covered by the investment funds connected with Apollo Global Management, LLC, Talos management and the Riverstone Holdings, LLC.

After the acquisition of the gas and oil producing subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions at a tune of $620 million, Talos Energy is in the market to purchase again. The company’s projected revenue for the year 2017 is between $475 million and 500 million; the organization is poised to grow more.

The Talos Energy subsidiary, Talos Production LLC, has finished its acquirement of the Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc (ERT), the gas and oil subsidiary of the Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc for about $620 million. For any information about the Talos Energy LLC, you can easily get the Chief Executive Officer and the President through

Improving Crime Prevention with Securus Technologies

One of the ways that me and my fellow offers prevent crimes in the prison is by taking a proactive stance on things like weapons and drugs. If we were to sit back and just wait for the incidents to occur, the inmates could easily injure themselves, other inmates, officers, prison staff, or guests. To ensure that none of these people are hurt, we have become dependent on technology to give us a glimpse into the future activities of the more violent inmates in this prison.


Over the last few years, our prison has seen the population of inmates grow from 1,000 to well over 3,000. The prison has not gotten any bigger, so those additional inmates must be crammed into already tight quarters with inmates who are already aggravated about being stuck in this facility. Tensions flair, and many will lash out with violence. When these inmates get their hands on things like weapons or drugs, we then have a dangerous situation that just became a deadly one.


Instead of allowing these instances to play out, we turned to Securus Technologies to help my staff with crime prevention. This company developed one of the most advanced monitoring systems we have seen, able to scan inmate telephone calls and utilize LBS software to pull out key terms that could alert my team to troubles.


Securus Technologies has a staff of 1,000 employees based out of Texas that are all dedicated to what they do, and committed to the company objective of making the world safe. The LBS software has given my team of officers the unique opportunity to now discover when inmates are talking about weapons, fights, gang issues, and drugs. Each alert, we take swift action so that these potential conversations do not have the chance to develop into life-threatening issues for my team.