The Social Life of George Soros

Who is George Soros? That is the question that rings in peoples mind when they see that name. According to Forbes, George Soros is the top ranking person in Katonah, New York where he stays. Different from other citizens in New York, George is a self-made wealthy man who got his money from hedge funds.

With a self-made score of ten, George was ranked number 29 regarding richness. In fact, he is number 19 billionaires in U.S. Being the highest paid hedge fund official; he is also rate number 19 in the Forbes 400. Those are some of the best stats that George holds and read full article.

Regarding family matters, George is a happily married man. He is one of those people who have many children. With his five kids, George is a happy man who has enjoyed life for the last 87 years and learn more about George.

His career started in Hungary where he was born. After studying economics, he left the London School of Economics and started working as a waiter and porter in the U.S. railway. From there, merchant bank took him, and that was his starting point in the broad field of finance. After working for some time, he changed his location and moved to New York. In each place he lived, life was different, and he did things differently and follow his Twitter.

After moving to New York, the thing got different, and he joined Wall Street. This was a good starting point that enabled him to raise 12million which he used to start Hedge Fund which was later renamed, Quantum Fund. George and his partner Stan Druckenmiller are said to be the first people who made the biggest profits in 1992. They are the only individuals who are said to have broken the bank of England. Currently, he owns asserts worth millions of money and George’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros is an active person in the field of politics. He was the leading supporter of Democratic politics. In the most recent move in politics, he was the main donor of Hillary Clinton. Through her involvement with George, Hillary Clinton got $24.9 million funding from him.

With his old age, George was then ready to attend a Democratic convention and watch his 25 years friend accept her presidential nomination. According to sources, he was unable to attend the meeting due to his business commitments in Europe. Much of his money has been used in political lines mostly in mobilizing voters to vote for Clinton and contact him.

Apart from politics, George Soros is also known for his philanthropic work. His work was noted during the 90s when he contributed millions of money to help affected families from Yugoslavia war. The found which was headed by George helped children and women just to mention a few of his work and