Howitt Leads Entrepreneurs In The New Millenium

Sawyer Howitt ‘s father is David Howitt, the current CEO and founder of the Meriwether Group. The company’s superior product line has significantly strengthened Meriwether Group’s ability to help entrepreneurs accomplish their ideas. Meriwether both fosters and mentors these entrepreneurs on their way to success.

Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur himself who has devoted considerable time and energy to several businesses. He plans to attend the University of California, Berkeley in the fall of 2017, and earn his degree in their Entrepreneurial Finance program. His current job title is that of Project Manager for the Meriwether Group, from which the constituency of twelve advisers, his father, David Howitt and their successful client entrepreneurs have all contributed significantly to his knowledge.

Several of his projects have focused on changing the ways future commerce will work. Other projects of his have addressed the different areas necessary for business to adapt to the continuous technology changes.

Sawyer Howitt has shown an innate ability for understanding both the financial and operational aspects of businesses. Simultaneously he demonstrates a genuine appreciation for a brand’s essence, resonance, and the relationship to consumers.

Another endeavor of his was that of being the Business Strategy Analyst at RFID Checkout from 2015 to 2016. In this position, he worked with his team to redesign the retail experience with the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. This technology uses an electromagnetic field to both identify and monitor the products the RFID tags are attached to. Retail stores consequently have the ability to track their merchandise all throughout the store. This technique is much faster and easier than to use than bar codes. Consequently checkout time is reduced.

He worked along with a partner to collect data from racquetball players and used this information to start RacquetBox, a subscription service for racquetball players. The service delivers a glove, new racquetballs, and other equipment every month or quarter. The customer also gets a subscription to the USAR magazine and a paid membership for watching professional racquetball to the IRT Network. Sawyer and his partner have just launched a site for pre-orders.

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