Beneful Dog Foods at Your Local WalMart

Are you looking for 100% complete balanced nutrition for your dogs? Try shopping locally next time. Your local WalMart carries many brands of dog food, but I have found I am able to get Beneful treats, grain free dog food and moist meals all made with the goodness of real meat ingredients and fresh vegetables. My four legged family members are Chihuahuas and Incredibites is their all time favorite. No matter what type of Beneful Dog Food you are looking for, the prices cannot be beaten. WalMart prices start out low and they also offer rollbacks on a variety of items every week…not part of the roll back this week? Go to for printable coupons and specials for your favorite Beneful combination.

I have purchased Beneful dog foods for my dogs for years and now I enjoy the added advantage of being able to shop at my local WalMart where roll back prices rule and learn more about Beneful.

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Doe Deere And Lime Crime for All

Doe Deere is the creator of the awesome makeup line Lime Crime. She has worked hard to get to where she is and to keep her business going. You may be wondering what the makeup line Lime Crime can do for you and why you might want to get some for yourself.

Daytime Makeup

There are a lot of lines of makeup that you can get for your daytime needs. Many can be found at your local stores, but some like Lime Crime can be found online and have some perfect options for your daytime needs. They have light colors that will give you a faint color on your eyes and your cheeks. There are also options that are in the brown tones. These colors will give you a more dramatic look, but one that is still right for work.

Nighttime Makeup

When you are ready to go out on the town, the real fun begins. You can use the bright colors to really make an impact in the fun you will have. Lime Crime gives you the best bright colors that make your eyes pop and your lips stand out. These lines are better for a night out than for everyday. That is why they are considered nighttime colors for most people. You may be able to wear these bright colors during the day if you work a job that allows it. You may want to ask them and see before you wear these bright fun colors to your day job.

Other Colors

There are some other colors that go with the bright colors you may use for night life. These include metallic and glitter colors in your eye shadows. The glitter is great fun for making your eyes stand out and to help you feel more vibrant and fun while you are out on the town. The metallic colors help you to feel shiny and stand out more than if you had colors more suited for the daytime.

Doe Deere created this company to help women that wanted something new and bright for their makeup needs. She wanted to find something that was better suited for her and what she liked to wear. That is where Lime Crime came from and continues to grow. She spends a lot of time creating new colors and keeping everything going in her growing business.

There are a lot of colors to think about when you are looking for something that is different and fun. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for colors that are more suited for daytime or if you are looking for bright fun colors. You will find exactly what you need and what will suit you the best. All you need is to choose the colors that are good for you and that will make you feel the best you can.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Passion Project

Eric Lefkofsky is known in the tech world as the co-founder and developer of giants like Groupon, Mediaocean, and InnerWorkings. Curating and cultivating companies of that caliber grew Lefkofsky’s wealth to a staggering $1.7 billion according to Forbes. Having laid the foundation for his life, he exited the world of startup companies and set out to never have to be involved in that labor intensive process again and learn more about Eric.

That fact would have remained true, but then Lefkofsky’s wife Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer. When they were thrown into the world of a cancer patient and the loved one of a cancer patient, they quickly realized all the many gaps in the ability of oncologists to provide a comprehensive list of options for treatment. Not one to be a passive participant in an important process like this, Lefkofsky developed Tempus.

Tempus’ overall goal is to provide usable data to health care providers. In order to achieve this, the company had to establish connections with some of the nations leading medical facilities. Physicians at the Mayo Clinic, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Michigan send their patients that are diagnosed with cancer to Tempus. From there, each person is sequenced in Tempus’ labs. At this point the patient’s individual molecular and clinical information are input into the database. The physician that originally sent the patient to Tempus is then given access to the system and is able to see what mutations the patient may have. It also allows them to see treatment histories for the patient’s mutation type and what approaches worked best on a retroactive basis. At its core, Tempus is still a data company, but the data is then translated to be a productive tool for the medical community.

The model of Tempus is the first of its kind and has the potential to create life altering results. The impact of Tempus has yet to be fully realized as it is still in its infancy, but when those results make themselves known, they will be astounding for the medical community and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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